Born in 1984.

Since I was a child  I was magicaly amazed by watching "The Behind Scenes" animation of Disney. I promised myself ever since, that one day, I will draw just like them and be a great animator artist.


In 1996-2003 I started learning "formal art trak" as a teenager as well as I did in high-school.


In 2008-2012 I moved to Jerusalem and studied animation at the "Based screen art" dep. in Bezalel for 4 years.


In 2015 I graduated from "Hamidrasha" facoulty of Beit Berl college after getting education BEdFA degree in fine Arts and education diploma. This movie above is my final project as exhibited in Beit-Berl: "Fantasymation- Doco animated of mythic self portrait combined with verieties of digital and plastical techniques of animation and video-art.